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I Love a Good Book Two

Touching Darkness - Scott Westerfeld

A very strong sequel to The Secret Hour and a fantastic middle book as I make my way to Blue Moon, the Midnighter’s finale. I am basically hit and miss when it comes to the second book of a trilogy. This is because it’s either a laboured attempt to make the plot plod on until things can be concluded or it’s a nail-biter that adds more twists and turns and I’m bouncing in my seat to finish the series. Touching Darkness was definitely the latter.

Melissa and Rex are the “original” Midnighters, at least this generation’s, anyway. They have so many secrets from the others that Dess felt like a complete third wheel until Jonathan and Jess showed up to add to their small numbers. They have secrets that would make the other’s blood run as cold as the blue time that freezes anyone not born within seconds of midnight like them.

Dess has some secrets of her own though, and using a borrowed device that helps her plot out the limits of the blue zone using geostationary satellites, she discovers something that could truly aid her and her friends in their fight against the Darklings. Because the threat of Jessica, the flame-bringer, isn’t enough to the keep the trouble at bay anymore. Normal humans are involved. And that means normal-time is no longer safe.

The creatures and their human minions want something. Can the Midnighter’s figure it out before it’s too late?