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A Pleasant Surprise

A Quick Bite - Lynsay Sands

I bought A Quick Bite a really long time ago (2 years according to the inside flap) and, like so many good books on my tbr pile, just got around to it. I tend to lean more towards the darker, nittier and grittier vampire ParaRoms out there; I just have a thing for those dark anti-heroes. Still, I found myself really enjoying the more comedic undertones of this story. And any book that features vampires in Canada, even if they’re three provinces away from me, is awesome in my books! Funny, quirky characters and a strange antagonist made for a nice, light read with some sizzle.

Lissianna Argeneau is more than pleasantly surprised when she enters her old room in her mother’s house looking for replacement stockings and instead finds a well-built, dark stranger tied to her bed. The bow around his neck cinches it: this is her mother’s birthday gift for her. Before yum can leave her lips, Lissianna finds herself sprawled next to him to take a quick sample of her gift, despite knowing her mother will be mad that the surprise is ruined. However, much to Lissianna’s disappointment, when her mother and cousin walk in on her little feast, she learns her gift isn’t for eating. Rather, he’s a renowned local psychologist her mother has brought to cure Lissianna of her debilitating phobia.

Gregory Hewitt can’t believe he crawled into the trunk of some woman’s car, walked into her house, and essentially lay down on a bed and allowed her to tie him to it. Fearing he’s suffering some break from reality, he decides he must be dreaming when a gorgeous blonde enters said room and starts to seduce him. Much to his disappointment, he learns he isn’t destined to be her sex slave; he’s been (willfully?) kidnapped to cure her of her hemophobia. Angered he missed out on his first vacation in decades to cure someone of such an irrelevant phobia, Greg convinces Lissianna to let him go. But then a few things he overheard in her house full of relatives starts to click and he finds himself entertaining the thought that vampires might actually exist.

Can Greg help Lissianna get over her phobia and convince her that they could have a future together? Can Lissianna save Greg’s strong mind from the council and get over her fears?