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Nothing But the Best for this Sequel

Through the Zombie Glass - Gena Showalter

At about the middle of Through the Zombie Glass I forced myself to close the book because it was well passed the middle of the night and I needed sleep. I should have saved my self control for another time because I ended up tossing and turning the rest of the night because I had to know what happened. Finally the next day came and I was able to finish Ali’s story!

I find I can’t write out how I feel about this book because I’m so crazy about the world, the premise, and especially the characters that all the fantastic things I want to say get jumbled and “I love it” is all that gets out. I really love this series, I think Showalter has hit a major home run with it. So I’m going to try and be objective…here I go.

Ali is finally accepting her new role in the zombie war, she’s content with her training, she’s happy with her boyfriend, and she’s learning more about her special powers. And she has a plan to get her and her Nana into their own home so she doesn’t have to live off Mr. Ankh for much longer.

Of course, everything starts to spiral rapidly down the drain.

First, Cole starts acting strange, distant. She doesn’t know how to reach him. Things get worse when two new slayers from Georgia join their ranks, one just happens to be an ex of Cole’s. Not that Ali’s jealous. Really.

Second, Ali gets bit by another slayer and weird things start happening to her. And because of her. Life as a zombie hunter was just starting to get normal and now this.

Then, she starts to become a danger to herself and others. Could it get any worse? For Ali, yes.

The second installment of Showalter’s White Rabbit Chronicles is as riveting as the first. All established parts are thrown in the blender and despite all the blood and tears shed, everyone comes out a lot more mature and sure of what they want. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better sequel, but Showalter rarely disappoints!